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We are happy to walk you through the seamless process of shopping on our website!

Placing a RTW order begins by clicking the shop made to order button where you are able to pick the specific outfit (e.g top, dress, skirt) you are interested in purchasing. You will be redirected to the page with an array of outfits. Kindly click on the specific outfit(s) you are interested in placing an order for, you are to click on your size (kindly look through our size guide in the case where your stats don’t fit to a particular size there is an option to provide your specific stats in the notes section before checkout), preferred color(s), quantity. Kindly view our shipping costs/pickup option and timelines.You will be required to fill in your details such as name, email address, mobile number, shipping address. When you are done with placing an order, you are able to view your order number alongside the outfit(s) you have ordered.

An email will be sent confirming order receipt and payment information. This email will inform you on how to make payment and any other information regarding your order.

A receipt will be sent acknowledging your payment as soon as it is received. Your order is then ready for production. An email will also be sent detailing the timeline for delivery/or pick up (in a case where you have chosen to pick up). 


Our website is pretty easy to navigate however, if you are unable to navigate our website we are available to take your order(s) via WhatsApp on +2347037604135. This is applicable to first time clients only as we would appreciate that our clients subsequently order from the website. We would request for your personal details (name, email address, mobile number) and also details of the outfit you are interested in purchasing (color, size, quantity). We will also inform you of the shipping costs/pickup option where necessary.

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